FOSS Projects - Author/Maintainer


An open source API integration written in Powershell. This project allows you to use cross-platform (Linux, MacOS, Windows) Powershell to interact with a Quest KACE SMA appliance to perform administrative tasks such as modifying an asset, running scripts, creating and updating service desk tickets, and much more.


A github template to scaffold a new Universal Dashboard project. This project allows you to create a new UD project with a single command, New-UDProject. It will automatically create a module, source your functions in /src, and a lot more. Be up and running in under 10 seconds with a json-configurable UD dashboard.

Pop Theme for VS Code

A recreation of the Pop! OS Theme created and maintained by System76, Inc. This theme brings a cohesively themed coding environment for VS Code when used in conjunction with the Pop OS Linux distribution. Written in JSON.